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Group Structure

The best thing to keep in mind when thinking about your group structure is to replicate your organizational structure.  Creating groups based on the individual sales teams within your organization ensures that the right Managers are providing coaching and feedback only to their sales reps, and allows you to assign the relevant course work depending on each group’s function within your organization.

 For example, if you have 10 outside sales teams managed by 10 different Sales Managers, then you would create 10 groups – 1 for each team.  When assigning sales skills training courses to these groups, you would add all 10 teams to the course.

This will ensure that each Manager is providing coaching and feedback to their team only, as well as giving you the ability to review performance across each group and compare them alongside each other.

Users can exist in multiple groups, so best practice is to have more groups and not need them.  Primarily, groups are structured based on the following:

  • Team – manager name, team name etc.
  • Job role – AE, SDR etc.
  • Department/Division – Outside Sales, Marketing etc.
  • Location – Chicago, New York, San Francisco etc.

By creating groups using the above structure, you’ll be able to control two things:

  • Coaching & feedback – assigning someone as a Manager to each group means they will have the ability to provide coaching and feedback for everyone in that group in LearnCore. For example, if you were to create a group for everyone in Outside Sales, you would want the Director of Outside Sales to be the Manager of that group.  If you assigned a sales manager as the Manager of that group, they would be able to view and provide coaching and feedback for reps not in their team.
  • Reporting – depending on the nature of the course you’re publishing, you can assign groups that will be reflected in reporting. The most common reporting data you’ll want to find is team comparisons, so you’d be assigning each sales team to a course more often than not.  However, if you want to see data on how well different job functions (AEs, SDRs, AMs etc.) retain and demonstrate their knowledge about a specific topic, you could assign those groups to a course and compare them in reporting.

 Having a clear understanding of your training structure and the learning requirements for each job role, team and division will give you the best framework of creating an managing your groups.

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