User Management: Adding Users

To add users to LearnCore, click on the arrow next to Add Users at the top of the screen to expand the window.

Here, you will choose from the two options to add users to LearnCore: either singularly or in bulk using the CSV template.

To add a single user, enter their first and last name, and email in the fields provided.  Below this, you’ll have the ability to add them to an existing group in LearnCore.  Once you’ve selected these options, click Add User, and they will appear in the user list underneath this window.

 To add multiple users at a time, you can use the CSV template provided in the option on the right.  To download the CSV, hover over the Choose File button, and click on the ‘Click here to download a sample CSV’ link.


In this download, there are multiple details that need to be provided for each user you want to add to LearnCore.

  • First Name, Last Name, Email – enter in these details for each user
  • Permission Level – There are 5 pre-set permission levels for each user you can enter. Please see the User Permission Guide at the bottom of this guide for more details.
  • Group columns – These are the different groups that each user will belong to in LearnCore. Users can be in as many groups as you like, and each column doesn’t have to contain the same group (please see above example).  Explanations and best practices regarding groups are contained at the end of this guide.

 Once you enter all the details in this document, save it as a CSV file and upload it by clicking on Choose File and selecting it from your local hard drive.  Once you upload the file, all users will be added to LearnCore, along with their permission levels.

The groups you’ve added to the file will also be created automatically, along which adding each user to their respective groups.

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