1.13.17 Platform Updates

Happy New Year! Check the latest platform updates below and feel free to reach out to your client strategist or support@learncore.com if you have any questions.



Updated Navigation Options for Live Training Only Courses: Now, if a course only has a Live Training module, then the learner will see a button directing them back to their dashboard in order to begin completing other courses after enrolling in a live training session.



Completion Status for Live Training Only Courses: If there is a Live Training Only course, it will be marked complete once the Learner enrolls in a live training session.  The completion status will be available on the Learner dashboard in addition to both Learner and Admin reporting.



Updated Navigation Options for Courses with the Learn Module Only: After completing a course with only content, the Learner will be presented with the option to “Review the Course” in addition to “Return to the Account Dashboard” in order to encourage the Learner to begin other assigned courses.






Delivery Status when Resending Invitations in User Management: Similar to reminding Learners in step 5 of course creation of a course, a message will pop up indicating the status of delivery (such as successful, unsuccessful, or skipped) to Learners when re-sending bulk invitations within User Management.

Increased Video Resolution: We increased the bitrate and resolution of videos in the Learn module to appear larger and clearer on the main screen for easier viewing.

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