Live Training Management

Live Training Management

On the left hand side of the Course Creation page, there is an option to view Live Training Management.


Here, you’ll be able to view enrollment and attendance figures across the different sessions for Live Training for this Course.


In the Sessions tab of Live Training Management, you’ll be able to view the details of each Session added to the Live Training element of this Course.



Clicking on each session brings up the basic details – start time, available seats & instructor name – as well as a full list of Learners who have enrolled in each session.



Here, you’ll be able to make various actions using the Actions button on the top left.



  • Add Single User – lets you add someone to the enrollment list who is not assigned to this course, but would still benefit from attending the Live Training session.
  • Import Attendance List – allows you to upload a Text or CSV file that you downloaded from you Live Training platform to mark people that have enrolled as attended or not attended. The file you upload should only include the email addresses of those that attended the session. 
    • This information provides you with insights as to the engagement you’re getting for Live Training sessions. If you can see that a lot of people enroll but don’t attend, it may be a disconnect with why the Live Training session is important, and what the benefits are in attending.
  • Send Reminder to All – will give you the opportunity to edit an email reminder template that is sent to all Learners enrolled in this session.


Selecting the check box next to one of more Learners will bring up more options in the Actions tab:

  • Remove Selected User(s) – lets you delete Learners from this session to open up more seats, or if there are any other reasons why a Learner may no longer be able to attend the session.
  • Set Attendance as – gives you the option to manually adjust the attendance of each Learner to provide more insights as to the engagement data for your Live Training sessions
  • Send Reminder – will send a session reminder email to all selected users



The Users tab gives you insights into the engagement levels for all Learners assigned to this course, and the enrollment figures for each session.

When initially clicking on this tab, you’ll get a full list of every user assigned to this Course, and the session(s) they’ve enrolled in.  If you see a Learner with no details under the Enrolled Sessions or Enrollment Date columns, it means that Learner has not enrolled in a session for this course.

At the top of the user list, there is a filter that allows you to toggle between Groups assigned to this course.  This is beneficial in giving you greater insight into which teams are enrolled in a Live Training session, and which are not.

At the far right hand side of each row, as you hover over it, there are a few action items you can take, similar to those outlined above:

  • Remove User From Session
  • Set Attendance as
  • Send Reminder

Finally, at the top right hand side of the Live Training Management page, on both the Sessions and Users tab, there are some additional action items available:


  • Pitch Management – takes you to the Pitch IQ Management page for this course
  • Reporting – takes you to the Reporting page for this course
  • Live Training Creation – takes you back to Step 2 of the Course Creation process for this course so you can adjust any Live Training session details.







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