Live Training, Step 2: Creating a Live Session (cont'd)

Step 2

Once you’ve entered the initial details regarding the Live Training for this course, you can add as many different sessions as you like by clicking on Add New Session. 


This is particularly beneficial for sales organizations that are geographically diverse, especially on a global scale.

For each session, you’ll enter basic details including the date, start time, end time, time zone and location (if applicable).



Further to these basic details, there are some additional fields available:

  • Instructor Name & Instructor Email – these fields allow you to loop in a Product Manager, Marketing Director, or third party consultant to a Live Training session. Entering the Instructor Email gives Learners the opportunity to contact that person directly if they have any questions about the context or content in the Live Training session.
  • Number of Seats & Enable Waitlisting – you may only have a limited number of seats available for your Live Training session. For example, if you’re holding training for customers, or you have a conference room booked for the session that only has a limited number of seats, you can restrict the attendance to a certain number.
    • This is coupled with Enable Waitlisting, which gives Learners the opportunity to be added to a waiting list for a session. For example, if you set the number of seats to 30, everyone that enrolls in this session from number 31 onwards will be added to the waiting list.  If for some reason someone who had originally enrolled decides to no longer attend, those on the waiting list will be automatically moved up, and notified of their new place on the list.
  • Webinar/Link info – as previously mentioned, LearnCore doesn’t host the actual Live Training session. In this field, you will include the webinar link from whatever platform you use for Live Training (GoTo Meeting, Webex etc.).  This link will be able to be synced to a Learner’s calendar (in Gmail or Outlook for example), so that when the Live Training session is coming up, they wont need to be logged into LearnCore to attend.


Once you’ve entered all details for all sessions for your Live Training, you can click Save for each session to save the details.

There is an option underneath the Sessions to send a Reminder Email to all Learners who have enrolled in a Live Training session.

Clicking on this will give you a pop up containing an email template you can customize depending on what kind of message you’d like to send to enrolled Learners.

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