Live Training, Step 1: Creating a Live Session

Looking for one place to manage the enrollment, attendance, and reminder communication for your next live training session? Please see the attached guide on how to leverage LearnCore for just that! 

Live Training in LearnCore allows you to connect any existing live training sessions or webinars with courses and curriculums to provide a complete end to end experience for your Learners.  

It also allows you manage enrollments, attendance and reporting to gain further insight into the effectiveness of Live Training sessions and their impact on your training program as a whole.

The Live Training element of LearnCore exists in Step 2 of the course creation process – Learn.  It’s important to note that LearnCore does not house the Live Training session, but allows you to input all the details of your sessions and provide Learners with the opportunity to enroll in them.


Creating a Live Training Session

Step 1

In Step 2 of the course creation process, you will be able to scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Live Training (Optional) to start adding your details.


First, you will include the Title and Description of your Live Training session.  These should relate back to the description and objective of this course, and give Learners further details as to what will be covered in the Live Training session.

You can also decide to make this session mandatory if you wish.


The Enrollments button will bring a pop up snapshot of all the sessions created for this Live Training, and will include the date, start and end time, time zone, presenter and enrollment numbers.  You can click on each session to see the users that have enrolled in each.

By clicking on Modify Enrollments, you’ll be taken to the Live Training Management page where you can take further actions regarding the sessions and users (details outlined below).






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